What we do for you

We transform your neighborhood into your university.

All the knowledge and skills you are looking for can be found in your own neighborhood. We connect you to local experts and professional teachers around you so you can learn whatever you want, whenever you want it. All we ask in return is that you share your skills with our community so people can learn from you too!

Everyone has a skill worth sharing!

How it works


Find a teacher nearby

The knowledge you’re looking for is just around the corner, shared by a skilled neighbor for free or by a paid professional teacher.


Meet and learn

Konnektid matches eager teachers & keen students online for offline courses close to home. There’s a world of knowledge for you to discover!


Share your knowledge

Give back by sharing the skills you’re passionate about. Either for free or by becoming a Konnektid professional teacher.

Our team



Our beloved CEO and former theater actor whose main passion is connecting people. Years of storytelling and acting make Michel one of the world’s most interesting men. Need some tips and tricks for presenting? Guess who can help!



Konnektid’s co-founder and our Great Italian Coder. Loves checking out new technology to make our application work better, faster, harder. As a proper Italian, Simone has a lovely mum who taught him how to cook, so he can teach you too!


[Head of Community]

Maartje loves spreading the word about world-improving initiatives like Konnektid. She will convince you that sharing your skills is the best feeling ever (which it is!) and she really likes hearing back from the Konnektid community.


[Back-end Developer]

Tijn has been with Konnektid since way back when. As our community grew, so did Tijn’s development skills which means there is no part Konnektid that he hasn’t helped to build. He has a talent for explaining tech stuff to non-tech people and kicks video-game ass.


[Front-end Developer]

Having taught guitar, drums and math in the past, Nick now wants to use his software superpowers to build educational tools. So much so, that he moved all the way from Cape Town to join Konnektid! Now that’s commitment.

Image copyrights

Sometimes we get a little help from great designers and photographers to make our website more attractive:

We thank Felix Westphal, for the crowd icon; Travis Yunis, for the teacher icon; Sebastian Wiercinski, for the money and coins icon and Ryan Houk, for the lovely heart, all on our 'become a teacher' page. We also thank Alexander Romanov for the airplane icon we use on mobile for sharing.

We thank you for your amazing creativity & skills!