Meet Saskia (left, 30 years old, neuropsychologist) and Lisa (right, 29 years old, tactical police detective). When Saskia wanted to make her father a special cake for his 65th birthday, she reached out to Lisa through Konnektid. Lisa knew exactly how Saskia had to handle this! A while back Lisa had found a recipe for an incredible cake on the internet. It was a cake that has been enjoyed by many at several parties, and Lisa was willing to teach Saskia how to make it.

This is the result:













Lisa: 'Everybody always loves this cake. It looks super good and is actually quite simple to make." Thinking of making this cake yourself? You can find the recipe here.

Lisa's tip: you can alter the design of the cake. For example, you can make mice instead of pigs (using white chocolate with yellow food colouring and grey fondant), or tiramisu instead of cake as a base.

What about Saskia's dad? He's now looking into ways to lose his added weight. Suggestions anybody? ;-)

Foto's by Siu Lin Ho.