Imagine that you have worked on a few different projects within several different organisations, and also some as a freelancer. All of your work is displayed on various websites. It can get pretty messy! This is what happened to Lieke, editor in chief, journalist, and master student.

She would find it very convenient if she could just send people to one place to see everything she has written. A useful tool for this would be a website. Lieke has no knowledge of website building and, since she's a student, doesn't have the budget to let someone else build it for her.


Thankfully, Lieke met Jasper through Konnektid. Jasper is also a student and understands Lieke's situation. He knows a lot about the internet, can help you with computer problems, and can build websites. Jasper knew about a tool Lieke could use to be able to quickly build her own website and easily manage it:

"With Weebly you can make a beautiful website in a jiffy. First you choose a theme, which determines the appearance of the website. Once you've done that you can immediately make several pages. When you're on a page you can just drag text and images onto it. You can even make a blog!"

So, no fussing with other websites, difficult coding, or making new bits of text. Lieke was delighted, as this was exactly what she was looking for. And Jasper enjoyed being able to use his knowledge to help somebody out. Thanks Jasper!

Lieke happens to have a neighbour who has a similar issue. Now it's her turn to help a neighbour out ;)