Amsterdam is showing the world what it means to share! The Dutch capital was named ‘the first European sharing city’ in February 2015 and it is truly living up to its title. The people of this multicultural and vibrant city are going beyond sharing cars and power tools and are now sharing their brainpower as well. Over 1.500 ‘Amsterdammers’ are offering to share their knowledge and skills with their neighbors thus making Amsterdam a true knowledge sharing pioneer!

Research by ShareNL shows that an impressive 52% of the ‘Amsterdammers’ are open to learning new skills or knowledge from their neighbours. Konnektid allows people to share their knowledge, learn from neighbors and turn their neighborhoods into their universities.

Learning about WordPress, Spanish and much more

Konnektid members in Amsterdam are now meeting up to teach each other a wide variety of skills. From playing guitar to how to start a business or using popular software such as Photoshop and WordPress. Like young professional Darcie who learned more about WordPress from Saskia. “It was really nice that Saskia shared her knowledge with me without expecting anything in return. It was very informative, especially because I have to use WordPress at work. Now I can just get started with the confidence that I can do it!”

And the most requested skill in Amsterdam? Speaking Spanish. Good thing there are already 70 people in the city that can teach you.