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Ten sharing economy experts to follow

From sharing cars to houses to tools or knowledge, these ten experts can tell you what’s happening and why it is catching on like wildfire. If you want to learn more about the sharing economy and stay informed, read their books, watch their TED talks and follow them on social media.

Amsterdam shares its brainpower

Amsterdam was named ‘the first European sharing city’ in February 2015 and it is truly living up to its title. The people of this multicultural and vibrant city are going beyond sharing cars and power tools and are now sharing their brainpower as well. Over 1.500 ‘Amsterdammers’ are already offering to share their knowledge and skills with their neighbors.

Present like a pro

Are you looking for presentation-tips and tricks from a professional? Look no further, Michel is here to help! As a trained actor, and the founder of Konnektid, he knows what it takes to give an interesting and impressive presentation.