Amsterdam based startup Konnektid has launched a website which helps people gain access to all sorts of knowledge and skills around them. This initiates peer-to-peer learning within neighbourhoods. Konnektid is the first demand-based education platform in the Netherlands.

Access to Knowledge & Skills Alternative

It all started a few years ago when founder Michel Visser (a former actor) was sitting in a tram following rehearsals. He happened to be behind two guys who had just had their job application rejected due to poor presentation skills. Michel knew that he could have helped them. If only they were able to connect before, Michel would have taught them something about presenting using his skills as an actor. They could have been equipped with the skills to get the job.

How come it was so difficult for them to access the right knowledge? The knowledge Michel possessed? It’s because we are all locked up in our own “knowledge bubbles”. We all share online so much about ourselves: what we have studied, what skills we have, our passions and jobs. This is all valuable information, but is mainly available to those in our main circles. There is nothing connecting that information to those who need it. That is, until now. It is time to open up the social capital and enable everyone to connect to and learn from skilled people all around them.


“Inspiration doesn’t lie in what you already know, but in what you’re about to discover.”

There is a goldmine of knowledge that resides within the people around us. Everybody has a talent or a passion - knowledge that others do not have. This means that we are always surrounded by a vast amount of useful - but often under-utilised - skills and knowledge. Konnektid gives everybody access to this valuable social capital simply by asking your neighbours for help.

Konnektid wants to become your ‘Lifelong Learning Companion”

American research has recently shown that we are entering a stage where we will have 15 to 20 different jobs in our lifetime, in contrast to our grandparents who only had one or two different jobs. This new phase requires continuous self-development and training. The necessity for access to dynamic knowledge and new skills is therefore much greater.

Michel Visser (founder): “With the new website Konnektid would like to become your “lifelong learning companion”. Konnektid will take you beyond online content, courses and wiki’s. We are talking about personal and direct contact with somebody in your neighbourhood who can teach you something in a way not possible online. It’s not only fun to keep developing yourself and learn from each other, but it also contributes to your own success in both personal and professional lives. ”



A happier and smarter society

It’s not only about creating opportunities, helping people with self development through education, and empowering those who normally lack access to skills and knowledge. Konnektid is also about sharing your passion for what you do and what you can teach others. We believe learning is more fun if it’s done by someone with a passion. We help you find those passionate teachers in your own neighbourhood. This way you will start to get to know the people of your own community again and discover all its hidden talents and passions. By doing so, we hope to create more resilient communities that thrive on trust and mutual learning.