Written by Channah van ‘t Riet

“1993. After hearing my older brothers play Beethoven and Beatles songs on our creaky piano for years, I wanted to learn how to play the piano as well. So here I was on a Thursday afternoon, eagerly waiting for my first piano teacher. The doorbell rang. It was the start of a journey that would bring me endless joy and comfort throughout the rest of my life.

My name is Channah van ’t Riet and I am a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and music teacher. I teach the young and the old, the fearful and bold. After taking singing and piano lessons for several years, I started writing my own songs when I was fifteen. Around the same time, I  learned how to play the guitar and my wonderful guitar teacher helped me translate my thoughts, doubts and fears into music. And at the age of sixteen, I sang one of my own songs live for the first time. I was used to giving concerts, being part of a choir or a school orchestra, but belting out your own words and your own notes all by yourself? That was a whole different story and it turned out I loved it!

Things went fast from then on. I won a competition for young composers, performed at the Concertgebouw and got accepted to the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. In the years after graduating, I played 300+ concerts, made the album ‘Syrup & Rain’ and two E.P.’s ‘No Way Back’ and ‘Someone’.

Channah playing at Paradiso theatre 

My love for teaching music

Besides the enjoyment and fulfilment I get from writing songs and playing live, I have discovered my great love for teaching and coaching others. While teaching, I can help others making their first steps in music or help them extend their vocal abilities and achieve personal victories. In the last few years I developed several songwriting courses, coached professional performers, helped singers write their first songs and coached vocalists from all levels.

When I’m behind my piano telling my young students about the wondrous world of music, helping an amateur singer reach the highest note in Katy Perry’s Firework, or when I am coaching a group of singer/songwriters sharing their deepest thoughts, I feel a spark. It’s the same spark I felt as a six-year-old, waiting behind the piano for the doorbell to ring. It’s the spark of joy you get from sharing what you love the most. It’s the spark that made me a fulltime musician, a happy coach and a thrilled teacher. I’d love to share that spark with the Konnektid community.”

Want to learn from Channah?

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