Do you like the idea of Konnektid, but not sure how you would use it? Then read this blog! We’ve interviewed Marta who has just made her first Konnektion. Just to give you some inspiration!


This is Marta (left) and Lara (right). Marta received Lara’s request to learn Thai cooking via Konnektid. Marta lived in Thailand for a while and is really into cooking. So she could definitely teach her the basics.

Marta: ‘Before the actual cooking lesson we met to get to know each other a little better. We really connected! We had a lot to talk about besides cooking. Lara does projects in Amsterdam Noord concerning social interactions for a living. Because of the overlap in our interests Lara invited me to join one of the workshops her office is organizing. It would be amazing if we could start collaborating on a professional level!’

Marta has taught Lara how to make a Penang curry paste from scratch. After that they cooked a veggie Penang curry, and a Thai grilled eggplant salad with mint & sesame. For desert they had bananas in coconut milk! They invited two friends to enjoy the meal. Take a look at the results!





‘Cooking to me is extremely fun. And eating food together is even better! I am quite new in Amsterdam, so I’m curious to meet new people. That’s partly why I like Konnektid, but definitely also because I like exchanging skills. Next time, Lara is going to teach me how to cook Indian!’

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