Privacy statement

This is the Privacy Statement of Konnektid, established in Amsterdam. Konnektid wants to connect people in good faith. People who can learn you something, inspire you or help you . Trust is important just like a good protection of your personal data. Konnektid users cannot obtain access to privacy sensitive data without the explicit permission of the user. After a search and on your profile we show your name, skills, about and approximate location. Once you agree with a meeting you can share more information via a chat. On our public pages we only show your first name, your picture, your skills and your approximate location. No further details are shared from our public pages. Below we set out the 'Privacy Policy' of Konnektid. If you have any questions concerning the processing of your data you can contact ([email protected]) Konnektid.


To make good use of Konnektid we need certain personal information from you. We get this from the sources indicated by you (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or ). Konnektid works best if you ensure that we know your skills and your approximate location. Your skills, picture, location and first name are visible in searches from our public pages. Further information like surname, bio, etc is only visible from our private pages and only for Konnektid users. You can change your information within your own profile. All personal information you provide to us is confidential and we will treat it with great care. We respect the privacy of all our users. By admitting your personal data you agree that Konnektid can use your data in accordance with this Privacy statement. Konnektid uses your information to provide the service of Konnektid, to optimize the system of Konnektid and communicate with you about our developments and services via our newsletter (we hate spam and therefore we will not bother you if we think that it is not necessary!).


For a properly functioning website and system of Konnektid we use Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information, for example about your last visit, that provide communication between your browser and our server. So we can make Konnektid function better. You can adjust your browser and not receive any more cookies but we can no longer guarantee that all functionality of Konnektid works correctly.


Konnektid does not provide any private or personal information from or about a user to third-parties without explicit permission of the user. Unless we are required to do so by law or a court judgement. If you want to understand what data we store you may contact Konnektid. If you want to completely delete your profile, get in touch with us by using the same mail address as above. To keep the integrity of our data in the database, your profile will be 'frozen' once deleted. This means your profile is not available anymore and won't show up within Konnektid. Your profile will be completely removed after three months.