Frequently Asked Questions

What is Konnektid?

Well in a nutshell, Konnektid connects.

People everywhere are walking around with useful skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, all that juicy information is too often inaccessible. What a waste! Konnektid helps you crack open the minds of others to expand your own.

Konnektid makes this social capital available by connecting you with skilled people nearby that can teach you something, inspire you, or even help you solve a problem. And guess what? You can inspire and help people around you too!

Where does the idea behind Konnektid come from?

Good question! One sunny day we realized that we all live in our own social bubbles, where we share our skills only with the people we know from circles like work or studies. We are not making the most of what is around us. This needs to change. And Voila! Konnektid is born.

How does it work?

Quite simply! By asking everybody to share their knowledge and skills. This way a huge network comes into existence where people can help each other develop. Via Konnektid you can ask a question to all those within your vicinity (that you don’t know yet, or maybe know but didn’t know they had certain skills) and find people who can help you get on your way.

Explore our online network and see what kind of unique skills people around you have or would like to learn. Maybe you will even get inspired to brush up on your Chinese or piano skills and start practicing again with someone close by.

Is Konnektid for free?

Yes, as free as a bird in clear blue skies.

Why would I share my skills via Konnektid?

Quid pro quo. If you want to receive help from a community, you should also contribute. When you need somebody who can help you out, you’ll probably have more luck in finding someone if you are an active member who shares his/her skills as well.

Plus, it’s really rewarding. Trust us: we’re skill-sharing junkies.

Is Konnektid really awesome?

Yup. In fact tests were run.

How do I actually ‘konnekt’ to someone?

Have you found somebody who can help you out? Choose the profile you want to konnekt to and click “Get Konnektid”! Send him or her a well thought out and personal invite to konnekt. When your invite is accepted, he or she has to propose a date, time and location to meet. If you both agree, the konnekting is on! It’s that simple.

Why would I link one of my social networks to my Konnektid profile?

Two reasons: Trust & Simplification.

Social networks help you build trust with people you don’t know yet. And trust is important when you are Konnekting with somebody.

Connecting your Konnektid profile to other social media platforms simplifies. Registering again and again with the same info gets old, quickly. That’s why we at Konnektid want to make life easy for you: we’ll aggregate information from your social media networks and make it into your Konnektid profile. The more social networks you link to Konnektid, the more information we can use to complete your profile. This way, you won’t have to fill in any information yourself!

You can also add and remove whatever you like! But don’t worry! We WILL NOT share it with any other websites.What goes on Konnektid, stays on Konnektid.

But I don’t have any skills to contribute...

Of course you do! You don’t have to be a pro at something for it to be of value. We can all help others grow.