If you have ever doubted if you are capable of teaching, you should really read this blog. Because you can become an amazing teacher too. Yes. You. Can.

If you are not teaching yet, it is probably because you believe in one or more of these common, yet terrible, reasons people give us for not teaching.  But really, they don’t apply because teaching is easy, fun and makes you smarter. Just read on. 

1. I have nothing to teach! I’m not an expert at anything…

This is the world’s best kept secret…You do NOT have to be a total expert to teach someone else! Isn’t that great?! All you need is to know more than the other person and you can already help them. We strongly believe that everyone has a skill worth sharing, whether it is practicing your native language with an expat or showing someone how to make a great content for Facebook. You have so many talents, skills and knowledge to share with others, so stop pretending you don’t have anything to teach. We know you do.

2. I’ve never taught before so I just don’t know how!

You can talk right? Then you can teach. All you have to do is answer questions or show them how you would do it. That really sums up about 90% of teaching. It helps if you’re a good listener and can show some patience if someone doesn’t get it right away. But you will have a keen audience, the opportunity to talk about what interests you (building websites/marketing/Spanish cuisine/gardening/etc.) and get to know new people in your city.

3. I don’t have any time to teach!

We know you are busy. We understand. But we also know that most Konnektid teaching sessions take about 1 or 2 hours at most. So we’re pretty sure even you have time to help someone else and share your skills with them. You could even meet during your daily commute or during your lunchbreak, it will be refreshing! Plus, there are proven benefits in helping other people so your time will be well spent. 

4. Other people already teach what I know, why should I bother?

There could be a gazzilion reasons that people want to learn from you and not from someone else. As you are unique, the way you approach your skill or share your knowledge will also be unique and people want to experience that. Some topics are really popular in our community so if you can teach any of those, you are an instant rockstar.

Now that you know you CAN teach, go to www.konnektid.com/teach and start sharing your amazing skills. We believe in you.