The sun is out, the days are longer and new experiences await! How about brushing off your language skills, giving your career a boost, taking your photos to the next level or starting an amazing blog? These are just a few examples of the vast amount of knowledge available on Konnektid.

So go where your curiosity takes you and broaden your horizon…


Turn your snapshots into memorable images with help from our photography experts. From some quick tips to a complete course, we offer it all! And while you’re at it, why not learn all the tricks of Photoshop to edit your photos, or get going with Indesign and transform your images into visual masterpieces!


Going travelling this Summer? Make sure you can say “Have a great day!” in Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese and brush up on your language skills. And there’s also plenty of people that can teach you Dutch. So grab your dictionaries and some paper and have a language konnektion. 

Aren’t blogs and websites amazing?! Our online marketing experts can help you start your blog or build your own WordPress site. And to make sure you get enough visitors, learn more about  or how to score big in  SEO. It is easy once you know the trick. So get to creating! 

Want to use the Summer to start/change/boost your career? We have all the skills you might need! How about improving your LinkedIn profile or resume, getting some job coaching or exploring entrepreneurship? Or find a specific skill that you need to land your dream job or become your own boss. It is all possible…

Anything else you want to learn? Check out to see all the amazing skills that are out there for you to learn. Have a great Summer!