Who doesn’t want twitter lessons from a professional? Femke managed to do it! This is Femke in a nutshell:

Femke thought the concept of Konnektid was great and wanted to try it out. Through Konnektid.com she asked her neighbours if there was anybody that would be able to give her a Twitter lesson. It was not long before she received offers from several people; and after a quick search she found out that one of them was a serious expert in the field of social media.

Femke: “I was a bit nervous at first. It just seemed too good to be true, that such an expert would be willing to help me out. We arranged to meet at his office even though he actually had a day off. I did not want to go there empty-handed, so to thank him I brought him a little plant that I had grown at home. He gave me many technical tips about how I need to use twitter. So my experience could not have been any better!”


Remco: “I found it incredibly fun to do. Before we met each other, I researched her and saw that she knew some people I know from my past. Therefore I did not have the feeling that I was meeting up with a total stranger. That’s what I like about these kinds of meetups: getting to know people with whom you have something in common. In that way you enlarge your network within your own network.”

Remco set up Proudly Represents - a consultancy agency for PR and social media. He wanted to share a few of the tips he gave to Femke with you:

  • Always use a clear profile picture on Twitter
  • Always fill in your biography, so people will have an idea of who you are
  • Tweetdeck is a useful tool for when you want to stay updated on specific topics. With this program you use columns with specific search-terms. It helps to create a clear overview.
  • And finally a tip for LinkedIn: make sure you completely fill in your summary and headline!

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