Do you believe that everyone has a skill worth sharing? An do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbours and making your neighbourhood a nicer place to live? Yes? Then you should become a Konnektid Ambassador!

What is Konnektid?

We believe that there is nothing better than learning new skills. And that learning is easier and more fun when shared with others! Everyone in your neighbourhood has unique skills and knowledge that’s worth sharing, just like you…

All this knowledge is so close, but yet so hard to obtain as we do not always know our neighbours and thus do not know who can help us out. Konnektid allows you to find neighbours that can teach you whatever you want!

Being a Konnektid Ambassador, what does it mean?

There are lots of ways that ambassadors can help Konnektid grow. Such as putting up posters in the local community center, reaching out to local media, writing a blog or inviting all your social media contacts to join the platform. In short, how you help our community grow is totally up to you, and you decide how and when you will spend your time.

Reasons to become our ambassador?

Well, because, just like us, you are excited about sharing skills via Konnektid and you would love to share this idea with everyone around you! But it could also be because of some of the things listed below..

    • Konnektid ambassadeur, poster ophangen‘Konnektor’: As an ambassador you can influence the connectedness and sociability of your neighbourhood. You are a great ‘Konnektor’ and you love helping people find what they are looking for. In other words, you help the people around you to learn new skills and develop themselves.
    • Konnektid events: Would you like to organise a great knowledge-event for your neighbourhood? Then we love to get you some extra attention for your event through our social media channels. In this way you get all the attention you deserve and you’ll become a bit of a Konnektid-celebrity ;-).
    • Ambassador events: As we are all about the learning, we will make sure our ambassadors have access to amazing new skills & knowledge during our ambassador events! How does a workshop in for example community building or pitching sound? Good, right? Interesting skills that will make you an even better ambassador!
    • Konnektid events: Of course you are also invited for other Konnektid events such as pizza sessions, brainstorm evenings, the launch of our app and many more!
    • Grow your network: As an ambassador your network will immediately expand when we get you in contact with our other ambassadors. Are there already ambassadors in your region? Then you can also work together as a team.
    • Put it on your resume: Finally, the ambassadorship is more than suitable to put on your resume as well. Not only the experience you gain as an ambassador but also the informative workshops we’re offering you will contribute to your overall skills and experience!

Seems like the perfect role for you? Send Maartje a message via [email protected]. Let’s get konnektid!